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Welcome to the David Spruce Gabor Shoes site. We are an official Gabor Stockist, we sell Gabor shoes, Gabor boots, Gabor sandals and many more online.

Gabor Shoes and Fashion was originally established in 1949 in Germany. It was Joachim and Bernhard Gabor who privately owned the company which now belongs to Joachim Gabor's son Achim Gabor.

Gabor focuses on pleasure in wearing, comfort, extra width fittings as well as narrow, normal, wide and extra wide leg boots. They categorise their footwear into 'Fashion' 'Comfort' 'Jolly' and 'Sport' and we stock most styles Gabor have to offer in various colours.

Gabor Fashion is the core of the range and it accounts for around 60% of the distribution within the UK alone. Here at David Spruce we stock almost every style available within this range with Gabor Soria 45.220 being this years best seller